Saturday, January 15, 2011


"What does this (artwork) signify?"
"It doesn't have to signify anything. It's a visual thing!" Dorothy Vogel 

I watched "Herb and Dorothy"last night. A documentary film by Megumi Sasaki. It's about Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, two extraordinary people, not so average middle-class New Yorkers, who managed to built an amazing contemporary art collection of 4,782 works of art,on their low income, and kept it all in their one bedroom apartment. When they donated their collection to The National Gallery Of Art, it took 5 huge tracks to take it all out of their little apartment.

The story about two passionate collectors, who dedicate their life to art, made me turn around and look at my own life to see what a great collection of Treasures have me and my partner collected so far. I must say we have some Treasures to show! They may not have any (future) real value,but we could almost start a Circus here and now.

And the passion one feels when you just have to have it,before it's yours and when it is yours!
The need! The desire! The love!

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