Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Now, you are being judged.
Your  being observed.
Your every step is watched.
Your every move captured.

They'll catch you sooner or later
Looking less than superb.
or doing something you shouldn't do,
or feeling a little odd or blue.
They have their eyes on you.

They have their eyes on you
When you sleep and when awake.
They watch you how you seat,
They watch how you comb your hair.
They watch you how you eat and shit
And how you make your bad.

Oh, you'll break one day,for sure
And they'll be there to celebrate that.
Will take a lot of pictures, of course,
Why not?
And they'll take ugly one of you.
And they'll frame you on the wall,
For everyone to see,
You are not so perfect after all.
You see! Ahaa! I told you so!

Drawing by Natalija Rushidi

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