Friday, March 4, 2011


What makes women a lady? Why are some women ladies and others are not? I mean, they all have arms and legs and head and fat and bones, but their body parts must be attached differently, because on the outside they do look the same... unless you are able to notice fine details that define who they are.  So it must be from within. The lady holds herself differently because of the way she is on the inside. She is not doing it intentionally, she just is, a lady.

Not that I am a lady, but this beautiful hairdo inspired me to think of a lady.

Bag by LELLE. This photo is for the home page of LELLE website.

Photography by Zelko Nedic.

Hair and Make-up by AMBO ARS.


  1. Nice... meanwhile is the little boy walking yet? or is he running, my 2 yo only runs and jumps... Robert and The Tucs

  2. Thanks Robert. He is walking only now. He is such a big boy that he started walking at 13 months. But he is breaking the house down! x